Viewing Parent Access Requests

By following the steps below, district administrators can view parent requests for access to Renaissance Place. Parents are able to fill out forms and submit requests if they have the address for the Renaissance Place site and the I'm a Parent option is available; however, they cannot actually log in to the software until you add them, assign their children, and provide them with user names and passwords. Parents who have access to the software can view results and print reports for their children's work in many Renaissance Place programs.

Parents cannot request access to the software if the district administrator has chosen not to allow parent access in the security options because the Parent link will not be available on the Welcome page.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

Program/District Administrators

  1. On the Home page, select Product Administration.
  2. Select View Parent Access Requests.
  3. The View Parent Access Requests page lists the parents who have requested access to the software. The list includes the parent's name and email and the children for whom the parent is requesting access; if you required an answer to a security question, the answer to the question is also included. This page also gives you a list of steps that you can follow to give parents access to the software.
  4. To print the requests, select Print All.

    To clear (remove) all requests, either because you have finished the steps listed or because you do not want to give the parents access, select Clear All. To clear a request for one parent, select Clear in the row for that parent's information.

  5. When you have finished viewing the parent access requests, select Done.

If your subscription to Accelerated Reader includes Renaissance Home Connect, it is a better option for parents. In Renaissance Home Connect, parents can see information about the work done by their children in these programs and receive email updates. For more information about Renaissance Home Connect, on the Home page, select Renaissance Home Connect, then What Is Renaissance Home Connect.