Importing Student Information

By following the steps below, you can import student information that was exported from a Renaissance Place product or Renaissance Learning Desktop product. (The steps for importing spreadsheets, comma-separated text files, and delimited text files are different.)

If you are a school administrator and you have access to more than one school, on the Home page, choose which school you want to work with before following these steps. To do this, on the Home page, select your name at the top; then, choose the Change Role option and choose your School User role at the school where you want to work.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, School Administrators

  1. On the Home page, select Users.
  2. Select Import Information.
  3. On the Select Import File page, select Browse or Choose File.
    • In the dialog box that appears, find the file that you want to import, select on it once, and select Open.
    • When you return to the Select Import File page, the file name will appear in the field. Make sure you have selected the correct file; then, select Next >.

  4. If you are a district administrator, the Select School page will open. Select the school that you want to import information into.
    1. The Select Class page opens.
    2. If this file comes from a product that is not on your site, the program will notify you of this. You cannot choose a class for the students in this file. To continue, select Next >.

      If the file comes from a program that is available on your site, choose one of the following three options:

      • If you choose Use Existing Class, use the drop-down list to choose a class for the students you are importing.
      • If you choose Use default historical data class for all data, the students will be imported into the default course and class named Historical Data.
      • If you choose Import the student data only, the students will not be enrolled in a class as they are imported.

      After you choose an option, select Next >.

    3. The next page asks how to handle students that match those in the database. Choose how students should be matched for merging (by first, middle, and last name, or by student ID and last name). Then, choose whether nonmatching students should be imported as new students. To continue, click Next >.
    4. The Confirm Import page will open. This page will show you the option you selected. To continue, select Import. If you need to choose different options, select < Back.
    5. After you start the import, the Importing Student Data page will open. When the import is complete, the page will notify you. Select Done.
    1. If the Renaissance Place Import Options page opens, check the box for each type of information you want to import. (The Import student information box is checked by default; you cannot remove the check mark from this box.) If you want to import assessment and assignment data for a specific program, check the box for each program.
    2. Select Next >.
    3. On the Import Student Options page, choose from the following options:
      • In the Import row, choose whether to import all students or to select the students to import.
      • In the Merge Students with matching row, choose what matching criteria should be used to see if a student being imported matches one already in Renaissance Place. Note: Graduation date is automatically part of the matching criteria.
      • In the New Students (no match found) row, choose what Renaissance Place will do if a student whose information is being imported doesn't match one in the database already.

      When you are done making your choices, select Next >.

    4. If you chose to select the students you want to import, the Select Students for Import page will open. All students are selected (checked) by default. Remove the check mark from the boxes next to students you do not want to import. (You can check or uncheck all the boxes at once by checking the Student box at the top of the column.) When you are ready to continue, select Next >.
    5. The Confirm Import page opens, allowing you to double-check the options you have chosen for the import. If you need to change any of them, select < Back. If the options are correct, select Import to begin the import.
    6. Once the import is complete, a confirmation message will appear, listing the number of student records that were created and updated. If, during the import, Renaissance Place found students whose information is similar but does not meet the matching criteria chosen in step a, a new student record will be created and the summary will show it as a Merge Candidate. To view these records and decide whether to merge them, select Merge Candidates. If the import is complete and there are no merge candidates, select Done.