Adding School Years

When you purchase Renaissance Place software, the first school year is entered for you. Each year, you must add the next school year before you can use the software in that school year.

When each new school year starts, it will automatically become the current school year - the year that all users are working in automatically when they log in. You can still choose to work in a different school year.

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators, District Staff

  1. On the Home page, select School Years.
  2. Select Add School Year.
  3. On the Add School Year page, enter the school year start date and end date and the first and last days for students in the appropriate blank fields. (You can type the dates or select the calendar buttons to enter them.)
    • The School Year Start Date and School Year End Date should extend a full calendar year, and must not overlap other school years. This keeps the software active for setup and end-of-year reporting.
    • First Day for Students and Last Day for Students are the dates when students will actually be in school and attending classes during the school year. These dates are used to calculate scores (like grade placement for Star) to align precisely to your district's calendar. Once the First Day for Students has passed, the dates are no longer editable so calculations remain consistent.
  4. Select Add to finish adding the new school year.
  5. If you decide not to add this school year, select Cancel instead.

To prepare to use the software in a new school year, see Getting Ready for a New School Year.

If you use Renaissance Place during summer school, you may need to adjust your school year dates. For more information about setting the dates, see Knowledge Base article 7901571 at