Home Page for Students

This is the starting page for students. Your Home page lists all the software that you can use.

To start, select a product to work in or select a link under one of the product banners, (such as Take a Reading Test).

Many of your assignments are in the Assignment List on the right. For those, you can select an assignment to start it. This list includes assignments from Accelerated Reader 360 Instructional Reading, Accelerated Math Instructional Practice, and Star Custom.

You can also select work you finished in this list to see how you did. The list includes Accelerated Reader Independent Quizzes that you have finished.

Use the first drop-down list to show All your assignments, assignments you have Not started working on yet (Ready assignments), assignments you are Working on (In-Progress), or assignments you are Done with (Completed).

Use the second drop-down list to see assignments from Everyone or choose a specific teacher to see assignments from that teacher. Assignments that you started (like Accelerated Reader quizzes) will show your name.

If you want to stop using the software, select your name in the dark gray bar at the top of the page; then, select Log Out.

Logging Out

Note for teachers: If the student is missing links for one or more Renaissance products, make sure the student is enrolled in the correct class in the current school year and that the class is complete and has the correct products selected.