What Happens If a Student Doesn't Finish a Book?

Students who are unable to finish a book in one sitting will have all reading progress recorded once myON is exited. Upon reopening the book, students will have the option to restart from the beginning or continue from where they left off.

Note: Students can't complete the book until they have met both of these criteria:

  • They have read at least 90% of the pages (viewing each of those pages for more than one second).
  • The total time spent reading the book (in seconds) is >=90% of the word count divided by 4.

Since students can easily move to different pages in the book without reading it sequentially, these requirements enable myON to evaluate the effort the student put into reading the book. myON includes that information in reports.

For more about how time spent reading is tracked, see How Does myON Track Time Spent Reading?.