Understanding Placement Test Functionality

If Lexile® assessments are available with your myON license, the following information will help provide a basic understanding of placement test functionality. (Some licenses include the ability to link Star scores instead.)

  • The student starts the placement test, and the timer begins.
  • Each time the student presses Next, the timer updates, along with the question information.
  • Once the student has been active in the test for 25 minutes, the system will automatically exit the student from the exam. The Lexile® information will then be submitted to the myON site. (This takes a few minutes.) The student is assigned a Lexile® level and will be directed to the library.
  • The test will end once 4 questions in a row have been answered incorrectly.
  • The test will end once all 35 questions have been answered correctly within the 25-minute time limit.
  • Placement exams may be paused by closing the browser window and resumed by logging in again, but if the placement exams are not resumed within 7 days, they will start over at question 1.

If you closed the window without clicking Next, the timer does not work. Or, if you clicked Next, then immediately closed the window, the timer may not have had a chance to submit the Lexile® results.