Students Are Unable to Take End of Book Quiz

If, after completing the reading of a book, a student does not get the end of book quiz, these may be possible causes of the issue:

  • The student is reading through an app (i.e. iPad, Chrome) instead of a browser.
  • The student is not clicking the I have finished this book! button after reading the end of the book.¬†(To receive an end-of-book quiz, the student must have completed the book; the student must click the I have finished this book! button to receive this status.)
  • Students can't complete the book until they have met both of these criteria:

    • They have read at least 90% of the pages (viewing each of those pages for more than one second).
    • The total time spent reading the book (in seconds) is >=90% of the word count divided by 4.

    Since students can easily move to different pages in the book without reading it sequentially, these requirements enable myON to evaluate the effort the student put into reading the book. myON includes that information in reports.

  • The student may be assigned to a project¬†where book quizzes have been turned off.
  • Some books in the myON library, such as encyclopedias, do not have an end-of-book quiz.
  • Some books have recently been added to the myON library and do not yet have a quiz. Students and teachers can see whether a book has a myON quiz on the i (Details) tab of the book information window:
  • select the Details icon to see whether a book has a myON quiz