Students Are Not Offered the Lexile® Placement Exam After Logging In

If Lexile® assessments are included in your license, and students who log in to myON for the first time are not offered the Lexile® Placement Exam, these may be possible causes of the issue:

  • Students registered as Pre-K will not take a Placement Exam.
  • Students who have been enrolled into myON previously and have completed the initial Lexile® Placement Exam will not take another placement test.

What's Next?

Faculty and Administrators can run Lexile® reports to determine whether a student has taken an initial Placement Exam. Currently, three reports contain Lexile® data: the Lexiles report, the Core Report, and the Extended User Activity report. (If you need to see data outside of the current school year, use the Extended User Activity report.)

When running the report, be sure to specify a date range that would cover any possible period of time that a student could have possibly been enrolled in myON – even if the student has been enrolled in myON at a different school in the district.