myList and Book Bundles

All myON users can use the myList feature to create their own lists of books. You can organize the books in myList into bundles. If you are a Teacher or Building Administrator, you can then add those books to a project or share them with students.

To learn more, read the instructions below and watch the video at the end of this topic.

Adding Books to myList

Wherever students, Teachers, or Building or District Administrators view books, whether you are viewing recommended books, browsing, or searching for books, you will see an Add to myList button, both on the book cover and in the book information window. Click this button to add the book to myList.


Viewing the Books in myList

To see the books you've added to myList, select Library, then myList.

As you view myList, you can do the following:

  • Search for books with specific words in the title:
  • Use the options at the top of the page to choose whether to see just book covers and titles or a list with more information.
  • Choose how you want to sort the books.

Organizing myList Books Into Bundles

Once you've added books to myList, you can organize the books into bundles. Bundles are groups of books that you want to use for the same purpose, such as books you want to read, books for a project, or books that you want to share with students.

The bundles that you have created are on the left side of the page. Books that you add to myList are automatically placed in the Default Bundle when you add them.

If you want to add a new bundle, type the name in the "Add a bundle" blank at the bottom of the left column; then, click .

To move books into another bundle, view the bundle where you can find the books now; then, drag them to the bundle on the left side of the page.

Copying Books from a Bundle to a Project

While viewing any bundle (including the Default Bundle), Teachers and Building or District Administrators can copy the books in that bundle to a project. Simply open the bundle, then click the gear icon in the top right corner of the page and select Copy to Project as shown below.

If you want to add the books to a project you've already created, select the Add to Project drop-down list and choose the project that you want to add the books to; then, select Save.

If you want to add books to a new project, select the second option; then, enter the name for the project. Select Save.

Whether you add books to an existing project or to a new one, you can change your selections later by editing the project.

Sharing a Bundle with Students

Teachers and Building Administrators can share a bundle that they have created with their students. When a Building Administrator shares a bundle, all students in the school will see it. When a Teacher shares a bundle, the students assigned to that Teacher's roster will see the bundle.

To share a bundle, view the books in the bundle. Then, select the gear icon in the top right corner of the page and select Share with Students. (Note: This is not available for the Default Bundle, but it is available for other bundles you have created.)

Then, choose the Share until option and enter a date (or select a date from the calendar that opens). The date that you enter or select must be within the school year and can't be more than 90 days in the future. Select Save.

Shared bundles have a "thumbs up" icon in the list of bundles.

Once you have shared a bundle, when your students select Library, then Recommended, one of the categories of recommended books will be the bundle that you created. Your students will see the bundle until the date that you selected.

Renaming or Deleting Bundles

You can also rename or delete the bundles that you have created in myList.

To rename a bundle, first view the books in your bundle. Select the gear icon, then Rename. Then, enter a new name in the window and select Save.

To delete a bundle, first view the books in the bundle. Select the gear icon, then Delete. In the message that opens, select Delete again to confirm that you want to delete the bundle.

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