Internet Connection

myON has thousands of digital books, from two pages to hundreds of pages, with recorded audio and layouts with graphics, illustrations, and photos exactly like the printed page. Some books are less than 10 MB, while some books have more than 300 MB of content. Book pages are downloaded as needed before a page is turned. Page contents are cached locally, subject to browser settings and school district IT policies.

Internet connection

  • Recommended: DSL / cable internet connection with 25 mbps connection speed or higher.
  • Minimum: 10 mpbs connection speed or higher.

Firewall, Network Settings, and IP Addresses

These addresses must be allowed by your firewall for myON to work properly:

  • https://* (The * character denotes a wildcard.)
  • Access to port 443 must be allowed for HTTPS access to myON.

See for complete system requirements.