Viewing Your Activity

Students, Faculty, Specialists, and Administrators can view information about their reading activity this school year.

After you log in, select your name in the top right corner; then, select Activity.

Note: The example above shows a student's options; other users will see fewer options after they select their name.

The Reading Activity page shows your current Lexile® (for students), the number of books you have finished this school year, the number of pages you have read, the amount of time you have spent reading, and the date and time you last logged in.

Below that, you will see a list of the books you have read. For each book, the list shows:

  • the book cover
  • the book title
  • the date you first opened the book ("Opened")
  • the date you last opened the book ("Last Accessed")
  • whether you finished the book (if you have, you will see )
  • your quiz score if you took a myON quiz for the book
  • your rating for the book if you chose one

You can scroll through the list of books if it is long.