How to View Overall Information about Your Students and Building (Building Administrator)

When Building Administrators log into myON, they can see a dashboard that shows them information about their faculty, students (by grade), and student achievements. Building Administrators can go back to this page by selecting the myON logo at the top of any page.

The top of the page shows you how many faculty members and students you have in your building, the number of books that have been finished this school year, and the time spent reading this school year. You can click the number of faculty members or the number of students to see a list.

Below that, you'll see a list of the grades in your building. For each grade, you will see the number of students the number of books students in that grade have finished this school year, and the time they have spent reading this school year. If your subscription includes Lexile® assessments, you will also see student's average Lexile®. You can sort the information by any column by selecting the column heading; select the heading again to switch between ascending and descending order. You can click the number of students in a grade to see a list.

You can download a .csv file of the table by selecting Download CSV under the table. You can open the file you download in your spreadsheet program.