How Students View Their Assessment History

Students follow these steps to view their assessment history.

Star Assessments and myON Placement Assessments

If your school's myON uses Star assessments or myON placement assessments, you see your Star scores after you log in to myON. Select See more to see your scores for the last two years along with the number of days and the number of minutes you read.

an example of student Star scores with the See More button

Use the buttons in the top left corner of the graph to choose whether to see your Star scores, ATOS ZPDs, or Lexile®* scores from your tests. The graph will include myON placement tests and Star tests. To pause the animations on the graph, select Pause Animations under the graph. Note: If you have only taken either Star Early Literacy tests or Star Reading tests, you will see those scores. If you have taken both Star Reading and Star Early Literacy tests, you will see the scores for the most recent test type you took (Star Reading or Star Early Literacy). When you view Star scores, Star Early Literacy scores have empty circles ; Star Reading scores and myON placement scores have solid orange circles .

an example of a student's Star scores

The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is a range of suggested levels from which you could select books to read. It is a range that is not too hard or too easy so that your reading skills can grow.

You may need to link your Star scores before you can see them in myON.

If a student has Fastbridge scores in addition to Star or myON placement scores, the student sees those scores when they select Lexile.

Lexile® Assessments

If your school uses Lexile® assessments, after you log in, you will see your most recent Lexile® score and your ATOS ZPD, which shows the range of book levels that myON suggests you read to help your reading skills grow.

an example of a student's most recent Lexile® score and ATOS ZPD

To see your scores for the last two years along with the time you've spent reading, select your name, then Lexile.

the student selects their name, then Lexile

The Lexile® progress page will open. On this page, you can see your initial Placement Test score (a green circle means a placement test) and each Benchmark Test you've taken (a square means a benchmark test). If you have Fastbridge scores, you will see blue circles for those scores (a blue circle means a placement test). Yellow bar graphs show you the time spent reading each month.

an example of a student's Lexile® scores

In the top right corner of the progress window, select Details to focus on recent tests (you can scroll left to see past tests), or select Full history to zoom out to your full test and reading history.

If Renaissance has imported student assessment scores from Fastbridge, those scores will also appear on the Lexile® progress page. If a student's latest score is from a Fastbridge assessment, the ATOS ZPD and Lexile® shown on the student's dashboard are from that assessment.

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