How to Reactivate a User (District Administrator)

District Administrators follow the steps below to reactivate users.

If your district uses Clever or another automated rostering option to synchronize myON students and rosters with your student information system, do not follow these steps to reactivate users. Instead, make your changes in the source that myON is synchronized with. If you need additional assistance, contact myON support.

If your district accesses myON through the Renaissance Home page, reactivate the user in your Renaissance software instead of doing so in myON.

  1. Log in to myON as the District Administrator.
  2. Click on My District, and then click on Users.
  3. select My District, then Users

  4. Select the building that has the user who needs to be reactivated.
  5. select a building

  6. Click on Search all Users.
  7. select Search All Users

  8. Enter the name, SIS ID, or user name of the user and select the corresponding option in the drop-down list. Then, click Search. (You can click Search without entering anything to get a list of all users in the building you selected.)
  9. Scroll down until you find the user whose status is "Archived" (highlighted in pink). To reactivate the student, click Restore
  10. find the user, then select Restore

  11. On the Restore page, use the drop-down list to choose the building where the user should be restored. Then, click Restore.
  12. select a building, then select Restore

  13. You will see a message at the top of the screen (purple bar) informing you that the user was successfully restored.
  14. example of the message confirming the user has been restored