How to Edit User Information in myON (Building Administrator)

Building Administrators follow the steps below to edit user information for teachers and students, including passwords and user names.

If your district uses Clever or another automated rostering option to synchronize myON students and rosters with your student information system, do not follow these steps to edit user information. Instead, contact your administrator if you have any changes.

  1. On the Building Administrator main page (dashboard), click My School, then Users.
  2. On the Users page, search for the user whose information you wish to modify. When you find the user, click his or her name.
  3. The user's information will open. If you have selected a student, click the pencil icon. (This is not necessary if you've selected a teacher or specialist.)
  4. Change the information as needed. In this example, we will change the password for the user. From the User Information screen, enter the password in the Password field.
  5. Note:  You can make multiple changes (such as the user name and the password) at the same time.

    Note: You cannot change the role of an account. The role for the account is set when the account is first created.