How Does the myON Mobile App Work?

The mobile app keeps track of reading - even while the student is offline.

To start using the app, the student must add his or her account to the app on the device while the device is connected to the internet (or online); then, the student must log in using either the password or PIN. This lets myON know which student should receive credit for the reading done in the app (even offline reading). The student must also add any books he or she wants to read while connected to the internet.

After that, the student logs in using his or her account every time the student uses the app, even if the device is offline. Next time the mobile device has an internet connection and the app is opened, the student's offline usage will sync with the student's account in myON, giving the student credit for the reading time done in the app. The usage will be stored in the app indefinitely until the app syncs with the cloud when an internet connection is available. For more information, see How do I read books offline. The key is that the mobile device must be connected to the internet in order for the usage to sync. So although students will never receive a quiz or benchmark test through the app, the usage itself does sync to the student’s account in myON.

Note: Once the app is connected to the internet, the data from the myON app is gated through a queuing system to integrate with a student's other reading data. The reading data does not sync in "real time"; this may take 24 hours, or sometimes longer. This is done so that the volume of offline reading data does not flood myON's systems, and myON can maintain the integrity of the data and the system as a whole.

For more information on how to get the myON app, see Mobile Devices and Apps, or click one of the links below.

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The video below will also help you become more familiar with the myON apps: