As the teacher, how do I know which students in my class have a benchmark waiting for them to take?

If your license includes Lexile assessments, students who qualify for another Lexile® Benchmark exam will see a purple envelope in the top left corner of the page. (Note: Some licenses use Star scores instead of Lexile assessments.)

For teachers, there is no visual indicator for this; however, if you view the student's activity and the time since the student's last Benchmark exam, you will be able to determine whether the student has qualified for a benchmark or not. The criteria to qualify for an automatic Lexile® Benchmark are:

  1. AT LEAST 2 weeks (14 days) have passed since the last Lexile® Benchmark. A student will not be able to take more than one Lexile® Benchmark test in a 2-week period unless otherwise manually assigned by the teacher.
  2. The student has read 5 books (see the tip below), OR the student has read for a total accumulative time of 3 hours.

You can check a student's reading time or the number of books finished by running a Core report or Reading Details report for the time since the student's last Lexile® Benchmark exam. To learn more about running reports using a Faculty account, see How to View Reports (Faculty).

For individual students, the teacher can change the required number of books read before a new Benchmark to 25 books. To do this, select Classroom > Students. Click the student's name in the list. Make sure the Books Read icon is selected as shown below; then, check the Exempt from Benchmarks box.