How to Create a User (Building Administrator)

As a Building Administrator, follow the steps below to create faculty and student accounts in myON.

If your district uses Clever or another automated rostering option to synchronize myON students and rosters with your student information system, do not follow these steps to create users. Instead, contact your administrator if you have any changes.

If you log in to myON through the Renaissance software Home page, the "Create a User" option is not available in myON; please create users in the Renaissance software instead.

  1. Click My School, then Users.
  2. select My School, then Users

  3. Click Create a User.
  4. select Create a User

  5. Select the user's role, then enter the user's information. First name, last name, user name, password, and SIS ID are required. Middle name is optional. For teachers, you may enter an optional email address and phone number. Select the grade for students; for teachers, you can leave the default "No Grade" selection. When you're done, select Save.
  6. enter the student's information

    Note that SIS IDs and user names cannot be duplicated, so you should avoid using the first name + last name as the faculty ID or user name; the possibility always exists that someone with the same first and last name may work for the district. If you need to find the user who already has the SIS ID or user name that you are trying to use, go back to the Users page and select Search All Users; the user may need to be restored or added to your building.

    User names and SIS IDs must be at least 3 characters long; passwords should also be at least 3 characters long. Passwords are case-sensitive, so users must enter them exactly as you set them. User names are not case-sensitive.

    If your school accesses myON through the Renaissance Home page, use your Renaissance user names and passwords to log in, not the ones specified here.

    If you log in to myON at, be sure to use the user names and passwords specified here, not the ones used for other Renaissance software.