How to Manage Your Book Collection

myON’s core collection is built from titles intended for students in grades K-9, and the recommendation engine limits the titles suggested to students based on their grade level. However, it’s possible for a student to browse books by category or even do a keyword search to locate books that are outside the student's grade. This is normally a reduced risk because of the myON sorting algorithm, which puts books most appropriate for the student’s grade at the top of the results.

We try our best to reduce risk of controversial subjects, but these types of books are published and might be appropriate for different audience members. It isn't that we want to censor the collection - we want to highlight the titles that are most appropriate for the student who is accessing the collection. To help with that, we have a collection development policy for our core collection of titles (included with every license of myON):

  • Title selection: We add 250 titles a year to the myON core collection. These titles are published by Capstone Publishers and reviewed in-depth before myON selects the very best titles to add to our collection.
  • Collection placement: Once the titles are converted to the myON digital format, we review the content and add it to the most appropriate collection. We have 3 core collections: titles intended for younger audiences, titles intended for elementary school students, and titles intended for secondary students.
  • Title reviews: If we hear of a district issue with a title, we review the problematic title in greater depth and validate the collection and grade-level recommendations. If the title is assigned for older students and there is an issue, we move the title to the challenged book collection.
  • Challenged book collection: This collection represents titles that have been challenged in other schools and districts. It can be reviewed for individual titles that might pose problems given a school’s community, or even made unavailable for students at the school.

Building administrators can quickly limit who can view titles intended for older students by following these steps:

  1. Log on to myON using Building Administrator credentials.
  2. From the Building Administrator dashboard, click My School, then Account, and then the Books tab.
  3. select My School, then Account, and then the Books tab

  4. Use the first drop-down list (Search by collection) to choose the * Capstone Core Collection for Upper Elementary and Older Students.
  5. select the collection

    You can use the remaining drop-down lists to narrow the list by the set minimum grade, the publisher, or the series. You can also use the Added drop-down list to focus on books added recently.

    filters for searching for books

  6. Select Search.
  7. select search

  8. Check the box at the top of the first column to select all of the books in the collection.
  9. select all of the books

  10. Click the Set min grade of selected to drop-down list and choose a minimum grade of 5th or 6th grade (or higher, depending on your school).
  11. select the minimum grade

  12. Select Save. At this point, these books will not display for any of your younger students (even if explicitly searched for). You can do the same for the Challenged Book Collection (Capstone Core Collection: Challenged Books).
  13. select save

We highly recommend that every school has a collection development policy. School administrators should review that policy for digital books too and ensure the materials are adhering to the policy. Different communities have different needs, and what might be a challenged book in one school could be perfectly fine in another. That’s why the myON policy relies on collections so that the school-based team who knows the users and community can easily find and address books that might be considered controversial for their users.

Building Administrators and District Administrators can also set a minimum grade level for individual books. To do so, find the book in your library by browsing or searching; then, select the book. In the bottom left corner of the book information window, use the drop-down list to set a minimum grade level for the book.

selecting a minimum grade in the book information window