How to Add Books to Projects from the Library

Teachers and administrators follow the steps below to add books to projects directly from the library. Each project can have only one list of books as a reading task, but you can select the number of books that must be read to mark the task as complete.

For this example we will be using a faculty account; however, this can be done from any account except for student accounts. Books can be added directly to projects from any library feature, but for this example we will use myList.

  1. Log in using your Faculty or Administrator account.
  2. Click Library, then myList.
  3. Hover your mouse over the book that you would like to select so that the blue Info button is visible. Click the Info button.
  4. Once the book information window is open, click the top, far-right button that includes a folder with a plus sign (shown below).
  5. To add the book to an existing project, select the project from the Add to Project drop-down list, or create a new project by typing a title in the text field. Click Save under the project that you select or enter.