Generating a Roster List

Faculty can follow the steps below to generate a roster .csv file of their students and their user names. For data security and account integrity purposes, student passwords are not included.

  1.  From the main page (dashboard), click Classroom, then Students.
  2. select Classroom, then Students

  3. On the left side of screen, find the name of the roster or group you want to print the listing for and click on Download.
  4. select Download for roster or group

  5. If the browser asks where you want to save the .csv file, choose a location. If not, see your default download location.
  6. The .csv file (spreadsheet) contains the following information:  First Name, Last Name, ID, and Username.

If You Want Passwords

Contact your data administrator (the person who prepares the data files for uploading into myON) to obtain the passwords for your students. myON cannot provide specific user name or password info, but myON can provide user name and password formats if necessary.