Enroll Overview

What Is Enroll?

Enroll is an application myON uses to oversee the introduction, validation, and management of user data.

Enroll can be used in two ways:

  • Account administrators can use Enroll with data files to manage student and faculty data.
  • Enroll also supports automated data setups such as SFTP, LTI, and LDAP through the AutoEnroll feature. This process creates an additive nightly sync between your Student Information System and myON through Enroll (which adds new information without removing old). When you prepare for a new school year, you can manually process files using the refresh method to remove users and rosters that are no longer in your files.

If Renaissance has set up Enroll to update your myON district or school from Clever, OneRoster, or Renaissance software, you don't need to use Enroll directly since updates will happen automatically. Renaissance will handle setup and updates for you.

Guide to Enroll

How do I...

Prepare my data files for Enroll

Process my data files in Enroll

Monitor data activity

View/change account settings

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