Determining the Reading Level of a Book

Teachers and students need to know how to find out if a book is at an appropriate reading level before starting the book.

To find the reading level of a book, students hover over the book and select the Info button, or they select the book cover; clicking either will open the book information window. If students are using the list view, they select , the book cover, or the book title to open the book information window.

Teachers can see the grade level of the book under the book cover and title. This grade is based on the ATOS book level. In the first example below, the book has a 4th-grade reading level. Teachers who are using the list view (see the second example below) will see the ATOS book level and the recommended grade levels instead. To see other reading levels for the book, the teacher can select the title or book cover to open the book information window.

In the book information window, you will see the the Recommended Grade Level (Publisher) and Lexile® measure (MetaMetrics).

To see the ATOS book level and other reading measures:

  1. Click the i (or Details) button.
  2. Note: If the i isn't available, you may be viewing the software in a smaller screen or window - try a device with a larger screen, or increase the size of your browser window.

  3. This will show more book information, including (if available):