Determining the Reading Level of a Book

Teachers and students need to know how to find out if a book is at an appropriate reading level before starting the book.

To find the reading level of a book, hover over the book and click the info button, or click the book cover.

The book information window will open. The Recommended Grade Level (Publisher) and Lexile® measure (MetaMetrics) for the book are listed.

To see the ATOS book level and other reading measures:

  1. Click the i (or Details) button.
  2. Note: If the i isn't available, you may be viewing the software in a smaller screen or window - try a device with a larger screen, or increase the size of your browser window.

  3. This will show more book information, including (if available):
    • ATOS (book level)
    • AR Points (Accelerated Reader Points)
    • AR Quiz (Accelerated Reader Quiz number)
    • myON Quiz availability (yes or no)
    • Recommended Grade Levels (per publisher)
    • Guided Reading measure (For more information, see