Audio Not Heard When Reading Books in myON

Sometimes students cannot hear the audio when reading a book. There can be several causes for this issue.

If you are using an iPad®:

Check on the top right side of the iPad for a toggle switch that turns the audio on and off.

If you are using a computer:

Check to make sure the volume is turned on and working.

If you still don’t hear audio, check the following:

Check on the bottom of the book page to see what controls are selected. If you see the play button, that means the audio is paused. Press play to start the audio. You can also click the volume icon to see whether the audio is loud enough.

Check the student’s details through your faculty account. On your main page, click Classroom, then Students. Find and select the student’s name. On the left side of the page under Audio Settings, make sure Always On or Weekends Only is selected, and not Always Off.

Other Considerations

If you are having problems with multiple students or all of your students, see the Whitelist Requirements for myON and make sure your firewall/network is updated with our latest whitelist settings information.