Are the Books in the Browse Tab within a Student’s Range?

The books that appear when selecting a category and subcategory in Browse will appear in order of most relevant to least relevant in regards to grade level and the student's scores from the myON placement test, Star assessments, or Lexile® assessments.

The closer a book is to the top of the page, the more relevant the book is to your grade level and range. As you scroll down, the book levels will become less relevant and will be outside your grade level and range.

For teachers, a grade level can be selected in your user information; if you are using Lexile® assessments, a Lexile® level can also be set. (To see or change your information, select your name in the top right corner of any page; then, select User Info.) If a grade level has been set in your user information, the books that you see when you select Browse will be determined as described above. Teachers who don't have a grade level set will be asked to select a grade level when they select the Recommended tab.