Login Questions and Issues

Direct Link to the myON Site for My School

If your users log in directly at, you can make logging in easier by sharing a direct link to myON specifically for each school so that your users do not need to enter the school name. Building Administrators can find the link by selecting My School, then Account. On the Overview tab, at the bottom of the page, you will see the Direct URL field, and you can enter your own text for the end of the URL (3-255 characters, including letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores). After saving your changes, copy the URL below the field and provide it to your users to give them a direct link to your myON school. (District Administrators can also see and set the direct URL by selecting My District, then Account, then selecting a school on the Buildings tab.)

example of a direct URL in the account overview

School Name Does Not Appear in Drop-Down List

If you are not using a direct link and your users log in directly at, your users need to enter the school name when they log in. If they do not see their school name appear in the drop-down list after entering the first few characters of the school’s name, you may have one of the following issues:

  • Users may be entering the school name incorrectly. Try entering a different format of the school name (for example, for John F Kennedy Elementary, try entering Kennedy Elementary School or John F. Kennedy Elementary School). If that doesn't work, try entering the full name of the school instead of the first few letters. You can also contact your teacher or administrator to find out how to enter the school name.
  • The school’s myON account has expired. Contact myON Support (800-338-4204 or to have your account status verified.
  • The browser needs to be updated to the latest version.
  • If you are outside the US, make sure that you are using the correct web address for myON; use the address provided by your school.

"License Is Expired" Message During Login

As you attempt to log in to myON, you may get a "license is expired" message. Possible causes for this message include:

  • A new myON subscription is still being processed.
  • The school/district subscription for myON has expired.

What you should do next depends on your role:

  • Students: Contact your teacher.
  • Teachers: Contact the myON Building Administrator or District Administrator.
  • Building Administrator or District Administrator: Contact the myON Sales department at 800-338-4204.

Error Message with a Picture of a Troll

You will see more information about the error under the picture. Possible causes include:

  • You are a District Staff member or District Dashboard Owner opening myON through the Renaissance Home page. These Renaissance roles do not have access to myON.
  • Your subscription may have expired.
  • If you log in using Clever or ClassLink, there is a discrepancy between the information in myON and the data source.
  • Students may have tried to take an AR quiz on a computer where quizzing is not allowed based on IP restrictions.

For help troubleshooting the issue, contact myON Support.

Reading Books in the Browser and Taking Quizzes

Students See a Black Screen When They Open Books

If students see a black screen instead of the text when opening a book, have them follow these steps:

  1. Check to see if the student's browser needs to be updated to the current version. To see which browser version you're using, go to
  2. Clear all cookies and the cache in the browser.
  3. Make sure the browser settings allow popups and redirects.

If you still see this problem, call myON support at 1-800-338-4204 or send an email to

Audio Isn't Heard When Reading Books

Check to make sure the audio for the computer or device is turned on, and make sure you have clicked the play button for audio in the book reading controls. The problem may also be the audio settings chosen by Faculty or allowlist settings; for more information, see Audio Not Heard When Reading Books.

Students Are Unable to Take the End of Book Quiz

If, after completing the reading of a book, a student does not get the end of book quiz, these may be possible causes of the issue:

  • The student is reading through an app (i.e. iPad, Chrome) instead of a browser.
  • The student is not clicking the I have finished this book! button after reading the end of the book. (To receive an end-of-book quiz, the student must have completed the book; the student must click the I have finished this book! button to receive this status.)
  • Students can't complete the book until they have met both of these criteria:

    • They have read at least 90% of the pages (viewing each of those pages for more than one second).
    • The total time spent reading the book (in seconds) is >=90% of the word count divided by 4.

    Since students can easily move to different pages in the book without reading it sequentially, these requirements enable myON to evaluate the effort the student put into reading the book. myON includes that information in reports.

  • The student may be assigned to a project where book quizzes have been turned off.
  • Some books in the myON library, such as encyclopedias, do not have an end-of-book quiz.
  • Some books have recently been added to the myON library and do not yet have a quiz. Students and teachers can see whether a book has a myON quiz on the i (Details) tab of the book information window.

Teachers can control whether book quizzes are allowed for a project, but only for books in the project and only for for the students who have the project assigned. Building Administrators can control whether book quizzes are available for students based on grade.

Students Can't Take Accelerated Reader Quizzes

Some Accelerated Reader preferences may prevent students from taking a quiz in Accelerated Reader, including date and time restrictions, quiz retake restrictions, and book level and interest level restrictions. Accelerated Reader may also ask for a monitor password. If the student sees a message relating to one of these, they should talk to their teacher to find out how to take the quiz. The preference settings may need to be adjusted by the teacher (for class and student preferences) or an administrator (for school preferences).

If you access myON through the Renaissance Home page, and IP restrictions have been set to prevent students from taking AR quizzes on certain computers, students may see the troll error message when they select Take AR Quiz. Have the student take the quiz on a school computer, or ask your administrator to update the list of approved computers as needed. (IP restrictions do not apply if you access myON through

When a Student Tries to Record Audio, the Microphone Doesn't Record the Student

Typically, the browser will ask the student for access to the microphone; it may also ask the student to select the microphone to use. The student must choose to allow access to the microphone.

If the browser doesn't ask the student to grant access to the microphone, you may need to allow microphone access in the browser settings, perhaps in the security settings or the settings for a specific website. (See the help for your web browser for details.) You may also need to check your operating system settings for the microphone.

If you are using Safari, version 14.02 or higher is required.

If you are recording from an iOS device, you may need to turn off Siri® and turn it on again in order for audio recording to work.

Improving Sound Quality for Student Recordings

To improve sound quality in student recordings, try the following:

  • Have the student use a headset with a microphone for recording.
  • Check the positioning of the microphone; make sure it's positioned to best pick up the student's voice.
  • Try to minimize background noise, perhaps by choosing a different location for recording.

Mobile App Questions

Books Will Not Fully Load in the Mobile App

At times, when a student tries to download a book, it starts to download, but the cover is gray (not in color) or the cover is pink and it displays this message: "Not enough disk space."

Although the quickest way to resolve this is to contact myON Tech Support to assist in troubleshooting, there are some steps below that you can take. 

Make sure that there is adequate disk space on the device, and verify that there are fewer than 20 books already downloaded onto the myON app. (The limit is 20 myON books at any one time.)

  1. Hold your finger on the cover of the book. (You should get a prompt to "delete" or "load.")
  2. Tap Load. The book should start loading again.
  3. As the book downloads, you should see either a blue bar over the cover icon or circle moving like a hand of a clock.
  4. When the book downloads successfully, the cover should change from gray to color.
  5. Open the book and begin reading.

If the problem persists, try the following:

  1. Update the operating system on the tablet.
  2. Delete the myON app and download the latest version from your device's app store.
  3. Sign into the app and try downloading the book again.

If you need more help, contact myON Support at or at 800-338-4204.

Problems Linking an Account to myON Chrome App

The myON app is designed for offline reading, but you need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network when logging into the app for the first time to link your account. This is to troubleshoot account linking issues.

If you are having a problem logging in using the myON App on a Chromebook, please check the following:

  1. Verify that you have a good internet connection. As stated above, linking a user to the app requires an internet connection.
  2. Verify that you have the latest version of the app. To check for the most updated version, check the Chrome Web Store
  3. Try the PIN from your myON account. Students can find this by clicking the blue button at the top of screen when accessing myON from a web browser. (Teachers or administrators select their name, then select PIN when accessing myON from a web browser.)
  4. Try connecting to myON using a web browser on your Chromebook instead of the myON app. This will verify that your account is active and functioning, and that the school name, user name and password information you are using is accurate.
  5. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

For further assistance, contact myON Support via email at or 800-338-4204.

User Information

How Do I Find the User Using a Specific SIS ID or User Name?

When you add a user to myON, the SIS ID and user name for the new user must be unique (not used by an existing user). If myON tells you that the SIS ID or user name have already been used, administrators can find that user by doing one of the following:

  • District Administrators: Select My District, then Users. Select a building, then select Search All Users. Search for the user. You may find that the user needs to be restored in the software or placed in the correct building.
  • Building Administrators: Select My School, then Users. Select Search All Users. Search for the user. You may find that the user needs to be restored in the software or added to your building.

Faculty can try assigning the student to the roster to see if the student they are trying to add already exists. If the student is not available to the Faculty member because the student is in another building, the Building Administrator can grant the Faculty member access to students in that building.

Student Data

The Time of Day Shown for Students' Reading Seems Incorrect

Check the time zone that is set for the building/school in the district settings may be incorrect. To check the setting, the building administrator can select My School, then Account; a district administrator can select My District, then Account, and then select the building on the Buildings tab. Use the drop-down list to change the time zone if necessary.

select the time zone in the Account Overview

If the time zone is correct, check with the student's parents to make sure the student is the one reading in the program, and not other members of the family who may read at times when the student is unlikely to be doing so.

Books Opened and Books Read Do Not Match on Student Dashboard

At times, the student dashboard "Books Opened" and "Books Read" information may not match.

Book Open events are registered the first time students open a book. There is only one Book Open event per book, so time spent reading accumulates on the book until it is finished or abandoned (read to the last page, but the end button doesn't get pushed).

The reporting period chosen when pulling a report on books opened versus finished (read) plays a role in how the numbers appear. If the reporting period is 7/1/21 to 12/31/21, and the student had opened a book prior to 7/1/21 and then finishes it after 7/1/21, then the books opened could be less than the books finished.

A Student's Star Score Isn't Showing in myON

If the student has recently taken a Star Reading or Star Early Literacy test and doesn't see the score in myON, have the student log out and log back in again. The score should then be shown.

Running Reports on Rosters from a Previous year

Only current rosters are used in myON. To see data from a previous school year, add the student's from last year's roster to your current roster; then, run reports to see the data.

Library Questions

Recently Added Book Collection Only Displaying Half of Available Books

If you recently had a book collection activated, but only see half of the available books, please know that some publishers - like Rourke - publish in Spanish as well as English.

In order to see all titles, you will need to have selected Spanish and English books to be displayed. If you have access to books in other languages, you should also choose to display those languages. (See How do you change what language to read books in?.)

Other Issues or Questions

Logging Out Due to Inactivity

After 15 minutes of inactivity in myON, the program will ask if you're still there. If you do not respond after 30 seconds, you will be logged out. Log in again to continue working.

Continuous Refreshing, Flashing Screen, or Repeated Inactivity Warnings

If you see a loop in which the page keeps refreshing, the computer's date, time, and/or time zone may not be set correctly, which can cause problems when myON checks for inactivity. Check the computer's date and time and the time zone setting and make corrections as needed to solve this problem.