Building and District Administrators

These topics apply to Building Administrators and District Administrators using myON.


Getting your data from the myON reports


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Creating, finding, sharing, and maintaining myON projects and their tasks and settings

User Management

Creating and managing user accounts, and understanding how different roles affect those accounts

Roster/Group Management

Creating, understanding, and managing the uses of classes and groups



Understanding the usage, metrics, and other options for all student ability assessments


End of book quizzes

Student Book Reader and Settings

Issues with the book reader/player, its settings, options, and usage

Literacy Tools

Use of the literacy tools that are in book reader

System Requirements


All about the books and other content in the myON library

Logging In

Contacting myON

Book Collections

What are book collections, and what books should I see in the library?

myON App

Issues and usage pertaining to all the myON mobile apps for mobile devices

Support Site

Browsers and Troubleshooting

Usage Data

Understanding aspects of usage data such as "Books Opened" and "Books Read," and the different ways for seeing that information (also see Reports above)