Printing and Saving Reports

Printing Reports

Whether accessing the Data System from a computer browser, or a browser on an iPad, each report can be printed for easy sharing with parents or colleagues. In the upper-right hand corner of the screen, you should always see the Print button. Click it to print a report.


  • The Print function will automatically screen capture the content shown in the space to the right of the left navigation bar and below the top navigation bar.
  • If there is any content you wish not to print, you can use the Minimize button to hide it.
  • If you are using Chrome as your browser and the report is not showing in color, click the Print button on the report you wish to print/save. A print preview screen will appear. On the left-hand side you will see a list of settings. Make sure that the "Background Graphics" checkbox is marked on and the printer is set to print in color.

Saving Reports

You can also choose to save the report as a PDF instead of printing it on your printer. To do so:

  1. First, click Print.
  2. Next, change the Printer Destination.
  3. You should see Save as PDF – select that as your printer.
  4. Last, click Save.

Printing and Saving Reports – Video Tutorial