Creating and Managing Groups

Create Groups

All users have access to create Groups. Groups are not shared. Groups can only be viewed by the user who created them. Common examples of groups could be an AM-Group, PM-Group, an IEP-Group, etc.

  1. Begin by clicking Groups on the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Next, click the Add Group button.
  3. Assign the Group a name and description (optional).
  4. Next you have the option of using a series of check boxes to filter your student list. This is designed to help you find students who meet specific criteria. Check the students you want to add to your Group.
  5. Click Save. If the process was completed successfully, you will now see the group in the Group List.

Manage Groups and View Reports

Click Groups on the left-hand navigation bar. You will see a list of all Groups created. On the right-hand side of the table you will also see an Edit and Delete button. Click Edit to change your Group’s name, students, and/or description. Click Delete to delete that group; only groups with no assigned students can be deleted.

To view your Group report, click the name of the Group. The Group Report operates the same as a Classroom report.