Viewing Groups and Group Sets

In the Math Dashboard, you can view data for Star Benchmark groups. You can also create your own groups.

  • Star Benchmarks Groups: If students have taken Star Math tests, in the Star Benchmarks groups, the students are automatically placed in groups that are based on the benchmark categories of their Star Math test results. (These groups are based on the benchmarks that are selected in Star Math.) The group colors reflect these categories. If students have not taken Star Math tests, they are all placed in the same group. You can view Star Benchmarks groups, but you cannot change them.
  • Groups you have added: You can also set up your own groups for use in the Math Dashboard.

You can see the students in groups and student data on the Math Diagnostics page. Follow the steps below.

You can also see data for specific groups in the other Math Dashboard views.

  1. In the Math Dashboard Navigator, go to the Math Diagnostics.
  2. Select the Groups drop-down list and choose the groups that you want to view.
  3. You will see the groups and the students in each group, as well as diagnostic charts showing each student's performance on each chart.

    If you only want to see the groups as a whole on the metric graphs, use the arrow to the right of the group name to collapse the group. When you do this, only the groups as a whole will be shown on the metric graphs, not the names of the students within the groups.

    If you want to see student names, both within the groups and on the metric graphs, select the arrow to the right of the collapsed group name. When you do this, student names will show on the graphs instead of group names. You can move the cursor over a student's name to see that student's specific data for the metric.

If you need to make changes to groups that you have created, select Manage Groups at the top of any Math Dashboard page. You can move or copy students between groups, add groups, delete groups, and change group names. You can also automatically sort students into groups based on their Star Math results. If necessary, you can add new group sets or delete group sets.