Editing Lesson Plans

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Level Administrators, District Staff, School Level Administrators, School Staff, Teachers

By following these steps, you can (for Lesson Plans you have not generated yet) change the learning objectives (skills) included, choose resources and assessments, and generate the Lesson Plan.

You cannot change the class/group or grade you are planning for or the dates for the Lesson Plan, but you can create separate Lesson Plans for the same class/group or grade and/or dates.

  1. On the Select Skills to Teach page, you'll see the Lesson Plans that you have created so far. For draft Lesson Plans, the Edit link will be available . Select that link for the Lesson Plan that you want to edit.

  2. If you see a Review link for a Lesson Plan, that plan has already been generated, so it cannot be edited.

    If you are in the process of creating a Lesson Plan and have chosen multiple classes/groups, the list of Lesson Plans you have already created will not be shown.

  3. Next, you can check or uncheck skills to change the ones included in this Lesson Plan . (For more information about a skill, select the skill card.)

  4. When you've finished, select Continue .

  5. Prior to generating the Lesson Plan, you can also:

  6. To generate the Lesson Plan, select Create Assignments at the bottom of the Schedule Assignments page.