Accelerated Reader Help

Reading Practice Quizzes

Click Reading Practice Quizzes to see details about your progress, the last Reading Practice Quiz you took, and your reader certifications. You may also find books.

Vocabulary Practice Quizzes

Click Vocabulary Practice Quizzes to see details about the words you learned and the last Vocabulary Practice Quiz you took. You may also find books.

My Overall Progress

This area lists the overall progress you are making toward your goals for average percent on quizzes, points, and average book level. You can see the goal set for you and what percent of that goal you have achieved.

Choose either Current Marking Period or School Year from the drop-down list to see your progress for that time period. Note: If you are working in Accelerated Reader outside of the school year, your options in the drop-down list will change to Last Marking Period and Last School Year.

My Last Quiz and Book Details

The date you took your last quiz is listed, along with the title, author, book level, interest level, and the score and points you earned.

Click View My Bookshelf to see the covers of all the books you have read and quizzes you have taken.

Click a book cover to see the Book Details page for that book. The Book Details page shows both Reading Practice and Vocabulary Practice quiz information.

Reader Certifications

Here you can see your current reader certification goal, how many books you have read, the ATOS book level (and maybe an additional book level), and points earned. The same information is listed, along with the date, for the last achieved certification goal.

Find Books

Click the link to open AR™ BookFinder™ in a new window where you can search for books to read that have Accelerated Reader quizzes.

Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader

Want more information? Read A Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader 360 or contact your teacher with questions.