What Additional ELA Reports do we offer?

There are several different reports available to teachers for the variety of ELA products and activities that we provide. Scroll down to see a brief a summary of the additional reports we offer.

ELA Reports Access

Access ELA reports by selecting Reports in the left navigation bar and then ELA. You will be able to choose from a selection of reports that are categorized by "Individual Student Reporting," "Class Reporting," and "Additional Reports."

Additional Reports

Assessment Report: You can view each Benchmark assessment that has been assigned. If you select Report, you can view accuracy by student.

A table listing the assessments for a specific class, showing the date they were assigned, their names, the grades they are intended for, and the number of students who have completed them. The Report button is in the far-right column.

A report for one class's performance on an assessment. The overall accuracy for the students in the class is shown; each student's individual performance is also shown, with a link to a Student Report for each one.

Article & Story Activity: You will see a list of articles and stories completed either by class or by student (you can choose). You will see collective accuracy, number of completions and have the option to view additional details by selecting View Details. You can select the time-frame of assessments that you want to view with the drop down on top.

An Article and Story Activity Report for a specific class in a chosen time period. The Class Activity tab has been selected, and the user has chosen to view teacher-assigned articles and stories only. For these activities, the title, percent accuracy, and student completion rates are shown; a View Details button for each one is also provided.

Article Reading Report: You can view each student's reading level and performance by domain skill.

An Article Reading Report. The students in a selected class are listed in a table, along with their grade level, the number of assignments they've completed, and their skills performance ratings in a number of domains.

Article Writing Report: You can view ungraded writing assignments as well as students' performance by writing type. By selecting Grade, you can view the writing assignments.

An Article Writing Report. For the selected class, a list of ungraded writing assignments is shown, with the dates and article titles included. A Grade button is shown in the Report column for each one.

The Skills Performance section of the Article Writing Report. Each student's Grade Level is listed, along with the number of assignments they have completed and their performance ratings for a number of writing skills.