What is ELA Skills Practice and how do I implement it?

Freckle's Adaptive ELA Skills Practice provides students (grades 1–8) with leveled and scaffolded practice on seven core informational text skills:

  1. Explicit Information
  2. Summarizing and Main Ideas
  3. Analyzing Connections
  4. Word Meaning and Choice
  5. Text Structure and Development
  6. Author's Intent
  7. Claims and Evidence

As well as four core fictional text skills:

  1. Details and Evidence
  2. Messages and Themes
  3. Word Choice and Tone
  4. Plot and Characters

In the program, students work within one skill at a time. They answer standard-aligned questions that help them practice the target skill. If students demonstrate proficiency on the skill, they continue to build on and develop that skill by answering increasingly difficult questions about texts at higher grade levels. If students struggle on a given skill, they are provided with scaffolded remediation questions that build the sub-skills required to then master the skill.

Teachers can either assign student practice through the Teacher Home (ELA Skills Practice) or have students practice specific skills independently via the Student Dashboard (ELA Skills Practice).

Once students begin practicing they will encounter an introductory video of the skill, followed by 4 skills-aligned passages relating to the anchor standard. If student accuracy is above a certain threshold, students will gain coins and progress through the given domain. As students progress through each domain of ELA Skills Practice, their accomplishments earn them rewards in the form of animated buildings that evolve in complexity as students "build" their ELA skills.

Is there a pretest for this product?

The ELA article pre-test is used to find a starting point for ELA Skills Practice. If a student has not taken the ELA article pre-test, they are prompted to take the pre-test before practicing ELA Skills. This level is used to place them at an appropriate starting point for each domain.

Is there reporting for this product?

Yes, standards-aligned whole-class reports can be found in our ELA Class Groups Reports. We are currently working to expand ELA Reports to include individual student skills practice reporting.

How does this product compare to the ELA articles?

In ELA Adaptive Skills Practice, students read shorter snippets of text, with the focus being on honing in on and practicing a specific skill. Students only practice one skill at a time as opposed to answering questions about two different skills. In addition, students receive remediation when they are struggling. This comes in the form of questions that get at the sub-skills that help build up to the broader skill.

For example, a 2nd-grade student might be working on the skill of being able to determine the main idea of a text. If the student is having trouble mastering this skill, the program will provide students with practice on identifying what a section of a text is talking about. If the student continues to struggle, the program will step back and ask students more simple questions about identifying the topic of a text.

Example: ELA Skills Assignment