Important Facts about Uploading FastBridge Assessment Data into Freckle

How are Freckle and FastBridge connected?

Freckle can upload students' FastBridge aMath and aReading results into Freckle to set their pretest levels for Math and ELA automatically. Your Renaissance Implementation Coordinator can assist you with specifics and will provide the necessary templates for you to share with us.

How does having Freckle connected with FastBridge help our school or district?

Students' pretest levels in Freckle will automatically be set at the levels corresponding to their FastBridge aMath and/or aReading assessment score. In math, levels are set based on aMath assessment score ranges tied to each skill; for ELA, reading levels are set based on overall aReading scores. Students can start working at their own level as soon as the upload is complete, and can bypass the Freckle pretest. Teachers can measure student growth more accurately, since students will begin practicing in Freckle at the same level as their FastBridge score.

Are there any additional aspects to be aware of?

In order to complete the FastBridge aMath and/or aReading upload, your school must be syncing with Clever, ClassLink, or complete Freckle Bulk Rostering. Please only send data for currently enrolled students. If there are students on the list who are not included in the current rosters, the upload will fail and we will need to ask you for updated data that excludes these students.

If students have practiced in Freckle Math prior to the upload, the FastBridge aMath scores will only update students' domain levels if the student has not practiced in that domain within the last 90 days. If students have practiced in Freckle Reading prior to the upload the FastBridge aReading scores will not update students' reading levels. In this way, we trust FastBridge to set students' initial levels and then trust Freckle practice to adapt from there.

Teachers are still able to manually update their students' reading or math levels from the Math and ELA Levels Reports.

Sometimes district data includes multiple student identifiers. Please ensure the Local ID field from the FastBridge export corresponds to the student IDs in Clever, ClassLink, or Freckle Bulk Rostering. FastBridge scores are not visible inside the Freckle product; the upload will simply be reflected in the students' pretest level. Freckle will upload one set of FastBridge scores per contract period, and best practice is to upload the Fall scores after current students have completed the FastBridge assessment.

How do we get started?

If you're interested in this service, contact your Renaissance Account Manager for more information.

If you've already requested this service during initial implementation and you're ready to start the upload process, contact your Renaissance Implementation Coordinator, or email for additional information. Your Renaissance Implementation Coordinator will provide you with templates that you'll need to send over to us after that initial conversation, depending on the needs of your school/district.