How do I get my students started with Freckle?

Who can do this with default capabilities?


We can't wait for your students to start using Freckle! Here are a few tips and suggestions to help your class get started:

  1. Make sure that all of your students have been added to your class roster. Take note of your unique class code as well (this can be found on your Roster page). We suggest writing your class code on the whiteboard or somewhere visible for your students!

  2. Decide how you want your students to begin using Freckle. You can either:

    • Assign students a specific type of practice (for example: adaptive geometry practice, or a specific ELA article).
    • Allow students to explore certain areas of Freckle on their own.
    Rest assured—Freckle will adapt to your students and provide just right content either way!

    To assign students specific practice modes, log in as a teacher and create an assignment for your class. It is best to do this the night or morning before.
  3. Introduce Freckle to your students. You know your students best, so feel free to explain Freckle in a way that makes sense to them. Many students like to know the following things:

    • Freckle is able to understand what you are good at and also where you need extra help. It will help you by giving you "just right" practice questions.
    • It's important that you try your hardest while you practice Freckle. This helps Freckle know what kinds of questions are best for you. Teachers can see how you're doing on Freckle too so they know when to help you.
    • On Freckle, you earn coins for working hard and answering questions correctly. If you earn enough coins, you can visit the Piggy Store and buy things for your own Freckle piggy!
    If desired, you may choose to project to students as a whole group first to show them the site and demonstrate how to navigate.
  4. When you're ready, have your students log in to Freckle. They should go to (or open the Freckle app) and type in their first name, last name, and class code. Note: You can also have students log in with QR codes.

  5. The first time students do each type of Freckle practice, they'll take a pre-test. This short assessment will help get a baseline of each student and understand what kind of content they should begin with. You may wish to tell your students this, and remind them to really try their best!

  6. After students have completed their pre-test, they are ready to practice.