What do Freckle student dashboards look like for different grades?

Freckle student dashboards ( are designed to give a customized experience for all students. There are different dashboard designs for K–2nd, 3rd–5th, and 6–12th grade students. For all student dashboards, you'll see:

  • Student-guided practice: Math and ELA buttons take your students to adaptive practice
  • Assignments: The Assignments button takes them to both Math and ELA assignments

Kindergarten–2nd grade dashboards

  • Math:
    • Number Basics helps students with basic number recognition.
    • Number Facts helps build your students' basic number sense.
  • ELA:
    • Word Study builds your students' foundational spelling and word patterns.
    • Decodables help students start to learn to read.
    • Sight Words helps students identify common words. By default, only K–1 will see Sight Words on the student home, but grade 2 teachers can add it to the student dashboard through the rosters page on the teacher home.
  • From my teacher:
    • Activities that you have assigned your students.

3rd–5th grade dashboards

  • Leaderboard is visible on the dashboard homepage.
  • Math takes your student to both Fact Practice and Adaptive Math practice.
  • English takes your student to Word Study, ELA Skills Practice, and self-guided reading practice.
  • Backpack includes activities you've assigned from all subjects.

6th–12th grade dashboards

6th–8th grade default customizations 9th–12th grade default customizations
  • Daily Practice (in Math and ELA), Weekly Goals, and coin balance are visible on the dashboard homepage.
  • Practice Math takes your student to the Math menu, where they can choose between Fact Practice and Adaptive Math.
  • Practice ELA takes your student to the ELA menu, where they can choose between ELA Skills Practice, the ELA Library, and Word Study.
  • My tracker lets students see upcoming assignments, completed assignments, and growth data in one location.
  • Customization options:
    • Backgrounds — Students in grades 6–12 can choose their background by selecting Change Theme on the left. By default, a background is turned on for students in grades 6–8; students in grades 9–12 have a plain background by default.
    • Avatars — Students in grades 6–8 are prompted to choose an avatar when they log in for the first time. Students in grades 9–12 are not prompted to choose an avatar and do not see one by default; they can still choose to turn one on by selecting + Character on the left.