How can I assign Freckle practice to my students?

The easiest way to assign all types of Freckle practice to your students is to visit your Assignments Log in the left side-bar. Once there, select + Add an Assignment.

+ Add an Assignment

This lets you select from all the Freckle practice modes to assign the right ones to your students. You’ll see a description of each type to help you choose which is best.

How can I customize my assignments?

Once you choose a practice mode to assign, you’ll be able to select which students receive the assignment. You can also do the following things (if applicable to the assignment type):

  • Choose which standards and/or skills the assignment should cover
  • See a preview of the assignment (available for select assignment types); previews can be seen in English or Spanish
  • Edit the title of the assignment
  • Get a link to the assignment to share with students

Features available to Freckle Premium users:

  • Share the assignment on Google Classroom or Remind
  • Schedule the assignment to appear on a certain date
  • Select and change the specific questions on the assignment (available for select assignment types)

How do I see student scores on assignments?

You'll be able to see a list of assignments in your Assignment Log. You can view student progress, completion rates, and edit assignment details from there; you can also filter the assignments by date, either with existing date ranges or a custom time period.

On the By Student tab, you can easily identify outstanding assignments by student. The table shows all assignments from the last 30 days.