What can I do if the reading level my student is assigned on Freckle is not right?

Who can do this with default capabilities?


The Freckle ELA program does its best to assign each student a reading level.

You can see the diagnostic pre-test results of your students by logging on to your Teacher Home. Then select Reports in the left navigation bar and then select ELA.

When you select ELA Levels, you will be able to see a list of your students reading and word-study pre-test results. It will list each student's "Freckle Level" as well as their level in the type of reading program you specified when setting up your account. (You can add this anytime when looking at reading levels of your students.)

In order to change a student's reading level, select Edit Level at the end of the row for that student and then select the appropriate level. When you confirm the change by selecting Update Level, this will disregard the pre-test data and all further assignments will be adapted at the student's new assigned reading level.

A list of the ELA Levels you can assign to a student. The Update Level button is in the lower-right corner.