What can I see on the Activity Feed of the teacher home?

The Activity Feed on the teacher home is a great accountability tool that provides teachers with the following information and capabilities:

  • The last time students logged into the program
  • The activities students have completed in Freckle (assignments, Fact Practices, etc.)
  • How many questions students have answered in a given practice session, or on a given day
  • What students have been spending their time on when using Freckle as well as how they've done on those activities

Pro Tips

  • Want to know if your students did what you asked of them in class, or at home? Use the "today" or "yesterday" filter and narrow it down to the subject or activity you asked them to complete. You'll be able to quickly see who did what you asked, how each student did, and where you need to focus your attention.
  • Want to drill down into the data for a struggling student to get a better understanding of what went wrong or how to help them? Select the drop-down next to their name, and use the blue arrow to the far right of the session in question to view the questions they received, along with what they answered.

If a student answered questions in Spanish during a Targeted Practice, Adaptive Practice, or Assessment (based on their language setting), you will see a reminder that their language is set to Spanish and you will view their questions and answers in Spanish.

An example Activity Feed with several options and filters selected: one class's data for the last three months, focusing on eight different math subjects. For each student, an overall rating of their scores, time practiced, questions answered, and subject last practiced are listed.

The focus has shifted to a single student's data. Here, the date and time each activity was completed is shown, along with the activity type, grade level, time spent, questions answered, and score. The arrow on the right end of an activity's row leads to additional information.