What information can I see on the Assessments page?

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators

The Assessments page gives administrators valuable information about students' progress and performance on assessments at their school site.

Note that the Assessments page is for school-wide assessments, not district-wide assessments. If you have purchased our District Package, you can access those assessments by selecting District Assessments in the left navigation bar.

The top portion of the Assessments page shows completed and outstanding assessments for your school. It gives administrators a detailed list showing who issued the assessment (a teacher or an administrator), when they issued it, and for what grades. It will also show the teachers whose students were assigned the assessment and the percentage of students in each class that have completed it.

Here, you can see that two of the six assessments have 100% completion. It seems like second-grade teacher Sarah Shelly is in the process of getting her assessment done with 55% completion. Third-grade teachers Stacy Smith and Lindsay Lee might need reminders to administer their assessments to their students, as their completion percentages are very low. You can see that each of these assessments were issued by the teachers themselves. However, in the fourth line, you can see that a third-grade assessment for Karen Walker's third-grade class was issued by the administrator, Rebecca Richmond.

By selecting See Details next to each teacher's name, administrators can see a detailed breakdown of the assigned assessment. For example, say you are an administrator who issued an assessment, and you want to see how students in Karen Walker's third-grade class did. Select See Details for that assessment for that class.

You can see the that the assessment was administered on May 18 and that three students were given the assessment. The overall success of the students who took this assessment was 61%. You can also see the overall performance by student. Based on this assessment data, you can see that these three students are struggling with these concepts. If you scroll down further, you can see the specific questions on the assessment and what standard each of them covered. You can also see the correct answers for each question and the percentage of students who answered each question accurately.

On the bottom portion of the Assessments page, administrators can create a new grade-level assessment they would like teachers to administer as well as remind teachers about outstanding assessments.