What math reporting and data is available on Freckle?

Who can do this with default capabilities?


Freckle provides teachers with a number of resources to monitor student progress and performance and help teachers decide what to do with that data. Teachers do not have to "run" any reports. All the Freckle data reports are right there for you on your Teacher Home and updated in real time, as students complete work on Freckle.

To access the reports:

  1. Log in to your Teacher Home.
  2. Select Reports in the left navigation bar.
  3. Select Math.

Here you will see a list of all the reports offered by Freckle. They are up-to-date with your students' most recent practice data.

The Student Math Levels report shows you what level students started in for each domain, and what level they are currently working at. Teachers can see how much time students spent (on average) per question on the pre-test, and determine whether the pre-test should be reset (only recommended if students clearly received help or did not try their best).

The Report Cards are great for looking at current student levels. Teachers can quickly see how students are progressing in each unit and identify where they might need extra practice, and are useful for creating standards-based report cards for each student. These report cards are easy to print out or screenshot. They are a great way to track student progress throughout the year. They are even great to share with parents at meetings and conferences.

The Performance by Standard Report displays all standards that your class has practiced. This report shows teachers how students are doing in each standard, showing how many students are performing at < 50%, between 50–80%, and > 80% for each standard. This allows teachers to quickly identify which standards to reteach in the classroom, and isolates whether each standard needs a whole group reteach (most students fall under 50%) or a small group reteach (small group of students fall under 50%). In the Premium Edition, teachers are able to see exactly which students are in each accuracy bucket, and reassign the standard to target students. Teachers can also assign practice on the standard to all students or a specific performance group directly from the report, as well as seeing example questions or additional resources to help with teaching/reteaching.

The Student Goal Setting Report shows teachers the goals set by each student in their class, and how students are progressing towards those goals. This is a great way to help encourage students and monitor their progress towards achieving what they set out to do during the week. It also allows teachers to reward those students who meet their goals.

The Class Grouping Report is a report that helps teachers get an idea of how students within a class compare to one another and determine how to best group students for instruction. Teachers can see how the class is doing in each math unit and easily form groups of students for small group instruction. This report allows teachers to form groups of students all working at the same level or mixed level groupings for peer-to-peer instruction. The matrix view shows what level students are working on relative to each other.

The Assessments Report shows teachers all of the benchmark assessments they've ever assigned as well as student growth over time in assessments. Teachers can see how students have performed on the same assessment over time, or can drill in to a specific assessment. Teachers will be able to see student and class performance overall, by unit, by standard, and by question.

The Fact Practice report enables teachers to track student progress on each of the four operations. Teachers can either view a Student Activity report or a Fact Mastery Report.

Premium Edition Reporting Features

In terms of reporting, there are a few features and functions that are only available with a Premium Edition purchase.

With Premium Edition, teachers can assign unlimited benchmark assessments which helps better track growth with this report. Teachers can also drill down in the Standards report to get more detailed information on how specific students are performing on a standard. Some other reports described above will only provide data on a limited number of students without Premium Edition.

Another function that is only available with Premium Edition is the ability to go back in time and look at past data (as opposed to only data from the past week). With Premium Edition, you can go back and see data for the current year on the Report Card and Standards Report by using the drop-down lists.

These reports allow teachers to track student progress and use this information to inform their instruction. If you are new to Freckle data reports, we recommend looking through the data reports at the end of the week, after students have spent some time practicing. The Freckle reports are easy to use and provide teachers with a wealth of data.