Connected Domains

Freckle covers all of the major foundational math standards and skills for grades K–9. Freckle groups the standards and their corresponding skills into larger topics, called domains.

Some elementary domains (K–5) have connections to similar domains in middle school (6–8). If a student needs more challenging or remedial content in these connected domains, Freckle will automatically suggest the appropriate connected domain for students.

Connected domains are helpful for students who have mastered an elementary domain and are ready to move on to more complex practice or for students who need additional practice in pre-requisite skills in order to proceed in a middle school domain. Below, you can see these connected domains.

These names may appear differently depending on what state you are in and what standards your school follows.

Common Core (CCSS)

Elementary Domain Middle School Domain
Fractions Ratios and Proportions
Operations & Algebraic Thinking Expressions & Equations
Base 10 Number System

Texas (TEKS)

Elementary Domain Middle School Domain
Algebraic Reasoning Expressions, Equations, and Relationships
Geometry and Measurement Measurement and Data
Data Analysis Expressions, Equations, and Relationships