Why can’t my students log in to Freckle?

If your students are having difficulty logging into Freckle, they are most likely not following one of the guidelines listed below:

  • Students must use the Google Chrome or Safari browser (web version) or the most updated version of the iPad app.
  • The computer or device being used must have a working Internet connection.
  • Students must be listed on the Class Roster page of the teacher home (
  • Students must log in at or on the landing page of the app.
  • Students must enter their First Name, Last Name and Class Code exactly as they appear on the teacher home. Pay close attention to the Class Code—sometimes the letters can look confusing.

If students are following all of the above and are still unable to log in, please conduct a technology check by going to This website will determine whether your system is set up to run Freckle correctly.