How does Freckle determine whether a student has mastered a level? How can students master a level with a low percentage correct?

How Students Master a Standard (Level) on Freckle

In order to master a level, students need to demonstrate a complete understanding by answering a string of questions correctly at the standard level. The below examples are what Freckle considers mastery:

  • Students answers the first 6–7 questions in a standard correctly (students already knew the concept).
  • Students miss the first 20 questions and then answer nearly all of the following 30 questions in a row correctly. In this case, we can see that the student struggled with the concept at first before developing an understanding and demonstrating mastery. The program has students answer more questions in this case to determine whether they have truly mastered the material at the standard level.

Why isn't my student advancing to the next level on Freckle?

If students constantly switch between answering questions correctly and incorrectly, Freckle does not consider that mastery and won't let students advance levels. In this case, students may understand some of the standard, but they do not understand it well enough to have it completely mastered. Once they are able to answer a long string of questions in a row, the program determines that they now understand the concept well enough to move forward.

How can my student have mastered a level if they only answered 60% of the questions correctly?

For the reasons described above, it is possible that a student can have a low percentage and still master a standard. We recommend that teachers not place too much emphasis on the percentage of questions answered correctly because students are always working at the height of their abilities. If your student answers the first 20 questions incorrectly, and then follows up with 30 correct answers, he or she will have a complete understanding of the concept with only 60% accuracy.