How do I reset a student’s work in a particular math domain?

Who can do this with default capabilities?


If you want to change a student's math or ELA practice level, use the Math Levels Report or ELA Levels Report instead of using the reset function described below.

Resetting a student domain can be necessary in certain situations. However, before you reset a student's work on a given domain, please note that once you reset a domain, you will lose all data and progress on that domain permanently. For this reason, we only recommend resetting a domain if something drastic happened.

Examples of when you should reset a domain:

  • Student received help on the diagnostic and was placed at too high of a level
  • A student worked on the wrong account by accident and drastically changed the level of that student
  • A student did not try on the diagnostic and was placed at a very low level
  • A student was given too much support by their parent/peer/teacher and is now working well above his or her actual ability level

Examples of when you should not reset a domain:

  • Student is struggling on a given concept
  • Student is getting frustrated because they are answering questions incorrectly
  • Student is working on concepts you have not yet taught in class (this is completely normal)

Here's how the reset domain button works:

  1. Log on to Freckle.
  2. Once on your Teacher Home, select Roster in the left navigation bar.
  3. Find the student who needs their domain reset.
  4. At the end of the row for the student's name, select the gear icon and select Reset student options.

    The reset button will only appear for students who have practiced on Freckle.

  5. Select which domain needs to be reset in the drop-down list. Be very careful to select the correct domain—wiping the wrong domain cannot be reversed!

    The Reset student message. The drop-down list for math lets you select domains to reset, or 'Reset all Math domains' to reset all of them at once.