How does Freckle fit into my math class?

Freckle has many different types of math practice to help you meet the needs of your students. Here are just a few suggestions on how to fit Freckle into different classroom settings. Remember, you know your students best, so feel free to adapt Freckle to work with your class.

Independent Practice

Looking for ways to have your students build their math skills? You can have students practice in Adaptive Practice on Freckle on their own. Students can select a math domain and then Freckle will adapt to provide them with content at their own level.

Would you rather have students practice a certain standard? You can assign them a Targeted Practice Assignment about a specific skill or standard.

Are you a younger grades teacher? Freckle offers even more independent practice modes for early learners. Have your students try out Number Basics to build their number sense and foundational math skills, or Number Facts to build their conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction.

Small Groups

Freckle is ideal for small group work. Try creating small groups based on the Freckle Class Grouping Report to ensure that students are working with peers at a similar level. You can assign specific skills and standards based on this report too!

If you don't have computers for your whole class, try using Adaptive Printables to get a targeted worksheet for each student or group of students.

Whole Class

Do you want to assess class mastery of a new concept or standard? Try assigning a 3–5 question exit ticket to your whole class.

Freckle's Inquiry-Based Lessons (or IBLs) are a great way to apply math to real-world concepts and settings. Each lesson is based on a standard, has whole group videos and review questions, and can last anywhere from 2 to 5 days.


Are you spending a lot of time finding meaningful homework for your students? Try using Freckle to ensure that all students are practicing at home at their own level! You can have them use Freckle on their devices at home by logging in and practicing a specific domain for a certain amount of time. Or, you can assign them a targeted practice assignment to complete at home.

Worried about your students' access to devices at home? Try using Printables to print out class-wide or individualized worksheets for students to do at home instead.