Freckle Implementation Ideas

Using Freckle for Formative Assessment

Choose your standards or skills, and deliver instruction.

  • Browse the Standards section under Math or ELA in your Teacher Home. Use filters for grade level and domain or standard.
    • Select standard or skill for student practice. You can search for specific keywords in the search bar.

"Assign" in Freckle.

  • Customize the type of Targeted Practice you want to assign from the Standards Page or reports.
    • Pick the skill, number of questions, and the students you want to assign practice to.

Analyze reports immediately.

  • Click View Report in Assignments Page for the most recent assignment you've given. For specific students, you can click into individual student scores to see their answers relative to the correct answers.
  • Click on the blue arrow to see student scores by question. Targeted Practice will assign the same set of questions to all students, so you can norm student results against one another.

Differentiate additional practice and assessment.

  • After analyzing results, you can "Reassign" on the Assignment Report.
  • For those who have mastered the assignment, you can assign a longer set of questions for students to practice while you work with those who need help.
  • Re-teach in a small group to those who did not achieve your desired mastery score, and then reassign a "Mini Ticket" (3 questions).

Save your results.

  • Print out your "Assignment Report" or save a digital copy. Then use this data for IEPs, classwide progress monitoring, or for student files.