How do I connect a school to Freckle in Clever?

Who can do this with default capabilities?

District Administrators

Follow these instructions in order for your teachers to be able to log into Freckle through Clever and have their rosters managed from your SIS through Clever Secure Sync.

Step 1. Agree on a Sync Date with your Freckle representative

The Sync date is the date when Freckle will officially start managing your teachers' rosters through Clever. After that date existing Freckle teachers will be asked to go through the student merger flow to connect their past student records to the one synced from the SIS by Clever.

Step 2. Request connection to Freckle in Clever dashboard

  1. Go to and log in as Clever District Admin when asked to.
  2. Search for the Freckle application.
  3. Select Request App on the right.

Step 3. Share the data

Once you've decided which teachers, sections and students you would like to make available to Freckle through Clever Secure Sync, you can make that data available to the application by going to the Applications page and selecting the Share data now option.

Please note that Freckle will need to have access to all three of these in order to operate correctly:

  • Teachers of the students you want to sync with Freckle
  • Sections of the students you want to sync with Freckle
  • Students you want to sync with Freckle


At this point your school is all set. Once the Sync Date comes, your teachers will see the SIS students appear in their rosters and will have the chance to merge existing student records with the newly synced ones.