How are Freckle’s ELA programs standards-aligned?

Freckle's ELA program is both standards- and skill-aligned so that students can develop their proficiency in these skills/standards with practice at their level.

The standards and skills can be viewed by selecting ELA and Standards on the left navigation bar. Once on the page, you can view the standards/skills by domain.


The Freckle domains are aligned with the Common Core State Standards, several U.S. States' standards, and our own skills-based system, across the broader content areas of Reading Informational Texts, Reading Literature, and Writing. Each domain represents a distinct skill that students should master within each of the broader content areas. These skills are vertically aligned and build on one another from one grade level to the next.

Domains can be selected from a drop-down or searched by keyword, as displayed above.

The domains within each content area are listed below:

Reading Informational Text: Reading Literature: Writing:
1. Explicit Information 1. Details & Evidence 1. Argument
2. Summarizing & Main Ideas 2. Messages & Themes 2. Informative
3. Analyzing Connections 3. Plot & Characters 3. Narrative
4. Word Meaning & Choice 4. Word Choice & Tone 4. Writing Conventions
5. Text Structure & Development 5. Drawing Evidence
6. Author's Intent
7. Presentation of Content
8. Claims & Evidence
9. Multiple Texts

How are ELA Articles & Stories Standard/Skill-Aligned?

All levels within each ELA article and story are aligned with 2–3 domains, so that students can practice the same anchor skills with a given text. They are always listed underneath the title of an article on the search page and on the right side of the article preview page.

If you have a particular standard you are working on with your class (i.e. RI.3.2 - identifying the main idea), you can use the ELA article search feature to filter by domain.

ELA Skills

ELA Skills provides students with direct practice of specific domains with short passages targeted at each skill within the specific domain. Each skill within the vertical alignment of a domain has been broken down into scaffolded sub-skills necessary for proficiency. ELA Skills prompts are aligned to these skills and sub-skills to build mastery, and provide remediation when necessary.